My name is Camille Doehring and we are Mischief Golden Retrievers.  We have been residents of Florida since 1982.  I have been showing golden retrievers since 1986 and have been breeding, on a very limited basis, since 1994.  My goldens are first and foremost family companions, class clowns and providers of endless hours of entertainment and, most importantly, givers of total and unconditional love.


My dogs compete in conformation, field, obedience and agility.  My puppies are energetic and enthusiastic performers and are up for just about everything I ask them to do.  At home, they are settled and love nothing more then to cuddle on the couch for an evening.  Emma, especially enjoys sitting on my lap and watching TV.  I haven't yet had the heart to tell her she is not 8 weeks old anymore.


We at Mischief adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club.  When breeding a litter I insure that both sire and dam have the requisite clearances.  Reports are available upon request.


My page is a work in progress but I hope you enjoy what is available.


If you would like to contact me to discuss upcoming breeding plans or to just talk golden retriever please feel free to contact me at mischiefgolden@gmail.com.